Beaver Builder Vs Elementor

Introduction to an Elementor:

Word press constantly has new plugins and features on its site that enhance its appeal & usability and one of those additions is elementor page builder. This recent addition to word press provides its users with very unique & user-friendly features to create beautiful websites freely. It provides unlimited strikingly beautiful design templates, has a huge template library, many widgets & visual history feature.

How Does it Work:

It comes with a unique feature of frontend live editor which helps the users to create layouts visually by designing websites live. This helps the user to create a webpage without switching between the preview & editor modes.

How to Install:

Installation of the element is extremely easy, its a plugin which is available in word press dashboard. It simply requires searching it, plugging & adding it. Upon successful addition, every new page gets opened with an edit with element or button & can be edited live.

What are the unique Features:Image result for elementor

It comes with some of the very unique features such as visual revision history features & mobile editing tool. The mobile editing features give it the flexibility to switch between desktop, tablet & mobile version without any hassle. The visual revision history feature provides the user with the flexibility to get back the work which had been deleted or changed. Another powerful feature is the creation of a webpage without using codes & CSS which makes it extremely user-friendly. The whole page builder in itself is very user-friendly & features are added on a regular basis to keep it updated.

What else you need to know:

After the launch elementor, they created elementor pro which was done specifically for web designers, website owners & other professionals for providing features of flexible posts, portfolio & global widgets & visual form designing with live features. Later on, Elementor API was added for providing a detailed explanation of the element.

Elementor Pro allows for much more variation and change, it also comes with a handy and very easy to use drag and drop builder. This allows for anyone to design their website on the front end with ease so that you can visualise how it will look in real-time. This feature is certainly worth the money if you are serious about designing a great website with minimal fuss. 

Why Use Elementor Plugin:

The best features of the plugin are that its 100 percent free with the great user interface. The global widget of this plugin is one of the best. This comes with unique styling & has hidden elements which are very responsive. It comes with a detailed documentation, so every time the user needs to know about any feature it can be easily referred to in the detailed documentation provided by the developers. It is available in open source & has a very active facebook group who keeps interacting about the functions of the plugin.

Cons of Elementor:

It doesn’t come with an undo button which makes it less user-friendly as revision button may not be appropriate always. The elements once added to the webpage cannot be edited directly which again makes it less user-friendly. Similarly, the addition of each and every column requires multiple clicks to be done in order to add features which makes it time-consuming & cumbersome process. The plugin comes with a global & static template which becomes very confusing for beginners. The plugin has inbuilt styling feature in it which are at the time forced while developing the webpage making it less favorite among the users. The biggest drawback of the plugin is that it lacks marketing-oriented features. Due to that, it cannot be used by many professionals.

Introduction to Beaver Builder:

Among the many web design solutions available with WordPress Beaver Builder has remained a popular choice among web developers, designers & professional agencies. It comes with a handy plugin which enables the user to create a webpage in less time. As it comes with many design templates which can be exported for use on other websites, it provides the flexibility to create web pages very quickly. It comes with the ability to add photographs, insert social media buttons, link it with URL or media library & also allow to sign in for creating a newsletter sign up forms.

How does it work:Related image

To start beaver builder in the existing word press website it is required to install the plugin for beaver builder. After installation, the feature can be used for developing a whole new webpage, few sections of the page, or just create a home page. It has inbuilt layouts which can be simply dragged & dropped for being used. It also gives the flexibility to make complex pages & layouts with much ease.

How to Install:

The activation of beaver builder is simple, from the word press admin panel the plugin needs to be added & uploaded. As its a paid version hence the license needs to be activated after uploading the plugin. For activation, the license numbers which comes with beaver builder account needs to be noted in the license tab.

What are the Unique features:Image result for beaver builder drag and drop

The plugin comes with the unique feature of drag & drop which helps the users to simply create complex columns & designs in less time, as the feature also comes with a frontend so the changes can be visualized while working on it. It comes with inbuilt template library & provides the user with a feature of adding & using their own text & images which can be published immediately. The templates once developed can be saved & used again. The same templates once used & saved can be customized at any time. The themes, styles & settings can be modified customized & reused as per the wish of the user. It has a very effective feature of the creation of a DIY platform for web hosting & publishing. This helps in publishing resumes, wedding pages, etc. It provides the users & developers to make FAQ & QA pages with much ease. The user can easily incorporate

pricing tables, contact forms, slideshows, call-to-action buttons, and testimonial sliders using specific modules.

What else you need to know:

It comes with two versions one which is free & the other being the paid version. The Lite is a free version which can be added through plug-in from the word press, & the other is a paid version called as a pro. There is much difference between the free and the pro version. The Lite version comes with some very basic modules, however, the pro version contains almost 20 additional modules.

Why Use Beaver builder:

The best & unique feature of the plugin is that its user interface is intuitive which makes it easy to be used by the beginners. It comes with a dynamic feature of saving the developed templates which can be used later for other projects. The designing of templates & projects are also very easy as it comes with the feature of drag & drop, so creating complex layouts is very easy with this. Similarly, the developed layouts can be reused & customized. It comes with a big library of unique templates which can be used to create a new webpage or even to add on the page in an existing webpage. The plugin comes with a great support channel.

Cons of Beaver Builder:

The plugin constantly keeps uploading with every addition of design or layout which makes it a bit lengthy. 

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